Our Centenary Program – Your club’s chance to get on board!

Dear Lions,

Have you heard about Lions Australia’s 100 years, 100 stories of service program to celebrate our LCI centenary? Or perhaps you’ve heard about it but don’t quite understand how it works?

In a nutshell the campaign centres on 100 Lions clubs each providing $1000 in Grants (through their activities fund), which will provide ‘seed funding’ for 100 projects in the club’s local community.

Community groups will be invited to bid for each Club’s grant, with the club selecting their top three. Our media partner will then select the final winner and report on these ‘100 stories of service’ using their vast print and digital media resources.

We’re sure you’ll agree that this is certainly a one in one hundred years opportunity to celebrate and shine a light on your club’s work, while identifying and supporting worthwhile community projects.

Like to know more? Lions Executive Officer Rob Oerlemans has recorded a short presentation which explains the campaign in more detail….. https://youtu.be/78sZNLin_Ek

You may also like to visit our website link below.

Ready to get on-board? All your club need initially do is agree to provide grant funding for a project in your local community, and notify your DG Ann Eldridge before 30 November 2015.

Still have questions? Contact your DG in the first instance or email [email protected]

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More details: https://lionsclubs.org.au/activities/centennial-grant-program-2015-2017/


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