Lap the Map – Zone 6 Clubs – start counting your steps from 19 September!

For 2020 this is an online event subject to change if restrictions are reduced before November 14 2020.

A ‘Trybooking’ event has been created, which will in turn provide those who offer a donation, access to a spreadsheet where they can register their steps for a period of 6 weeks leading up to the event. Donations can also be made without registering steps if you prefer, but the purpose of this event is to get us moving and to reduce our chances of having a diabetes issue and if we already have diabetes improving our health in general.

Registration/booking can take place anytime from now. Select this link to go to the page

Steps will be recorded weekly for the preceding 7 days. The first entry will be 25/9 and the last on 13/11.

Get ready to walk from Saturday 19/9 and note or steps down at home.

If you are able to obtain sponsors, please do so. I know it is not the same as a group event in the park, but you never know, we may be allowed to have a get together on the 14th November yet!

Spread the word with family and friends!

Please start spreading the word now so that we can get this going and don’t hesitate to call Lyn Perera (Zone 6 Chair) on 0400 146 232 if you need any help.

Attachment: Lions Diabetes Brochure Australia.pdf


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