First Australasian Deaf & Hard of Hearing Lions Club

On Tuesday 6th October we celebrated the Inaugural meeting of the Melbourne Deaf & Hard of Hearing Lions Club Branch. It was a super night with 7 new members inducted into Lions.

The new club members are – President: Daniel Morphett, Secretary: Jennifer Portelli, Treasurer: Sue Read, other members are Sylvia Rosemond, Jo Rushby, Alison Compton and Marie Schultze. Associate members are: Chris Blackham-Davison with his Lions hearing dog Tamari from Litchfield LC in NT and Glenys Needham from Carnegie Lions Club.

Special thanks to DG Linda for a wonderful talk on Diversity; PDG Ann Eldridge for performing the Zoom inductions with style, PDG Pat Mills for being MC and for being my fabulous guide through the setting up of this new club. And also to PDG Kumar (It all started under you Kumar) and many others for your attendance.

Deafness Foundation is our club partner and we are so pleased to have them on board.

The parent club is Chelsea District LC and together we will serve the community and make a real difference especially focused on the world of the deaf and hard of hearing.

Kind regards
Bev McLennan
0459 400 038
[email protected]

Melbourne Deaf & Hard of Hearing Lions Club Branch
In partnership with Deafness Foundation

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